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A dazzling Maui Greeting and Hawaiian Lei Greetings will welcome you to the island of Maui! Through this kind of greeting, Hawaii became famous and millions of people want to visit the sparkling island of Maui! This is definitely the greatest way to begin your Hawaii Vacations! You can also make Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings at the Airport as a surprising gift to your loved ones and even to your friends! It is also perfect to all honeymooners and first timers to Hawaii! Maui Airport Lei Greetings are a great way to being Hawaii Vacations! Lahaina Tours offers you the best selections of Maui Airport Lei Greetings. Book with Lahaina Tours for a memorable Maui Greeting!

Lahaina Tours offers Hawaii Lei Greetings and Maui Lei Greetings for your Hawaii Vacations! These are very famous in Maui because it symbolizes the authentic and interesting culture and tradition of Hawaii! Make your Maui Travel memorable with Hawaii Lei Greetings and Maui Lei Greetings! Be sure to pick astounding Hawaiian Lei Greeting from Lahaina Tours! Get the popular Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings when you arrive at the airport of Maui - it will bring you back to a beautiful ancient Hawaii! This is one of the reasons why you will enjoy and love Hawaiian Lei Greetings! You will have wonderful memories of your Maui Travel as it gives you the amazing spirit of aloha that can make your adventure mood more exciting! Maui Lei Greetings and Hawaii Lei Greetings are the best way to enlighten your spirit and are really perfect to all of you! So, be sure to start your Hawaii vacations with Maui Greetings!

Hawaii Lei Greetings will make you feel like you are a real Hawaiian! It is one of the great traditions in Maui so be sure to include this in your Hawaiian adventure! This is a well-known tradition of Maui as it represents the true culture of Maui. These lei greetings are first introduced to Hawaii by the early Polynesian that came from Tahiti. These Polynesian explorers used the stars to navigate there sailing canoes! As time passes Hawaii Lei Greetings became considered by millions of guests worldwide as the supreme symbol of Hawaii!

A mixture of different flowers such as colorful Carnations, charming Plumerias, lovely Dendrobium Orchids and the tuberose form these leis! The type of flower used on any lei is subject to season and availability.  Hawaii Lei Greetings are honored to Maui Travel at Kahului International Airport!

If you want to make your Maui Travel exciting and great reserve these marvelous Maui Lei Greetings! They will make your arrival at Maui Airport lively and colorful because of the brilliant Aloha Spirit, which Lei Greetings gives you! Be sure to start your Hawaii Vacations with incredible Hawaiian Lei Greetings! It is available on all islands for all your Hawaii Vacations! Just reserve these greetings with Lahaina Tours and enjoy the biggest discount that they offer! Save money and take the pleasure in this unforgettable Hawaii Lei Greetings!

If ordering within 2 days of arrival there is a $15 charge per party (not per person). Only "Standard" Leis are available when ordering within 2 days of arrival.

All guests should be informed to search for a sign that will have their names on it because Lahaina Tours has a NO REFUND policy for those who missed greetings due to the guest lack of information of their Lei Greeting!

Please note: If ordering within 2 days of arrival, there is a $20 surcharge per party (not per person). Only "Standard" Leis are available when ordering within 2 days of arrival. If this is a surprise greeting, please tell the recipient to look for a sign with their name on it. 

**Leis can be shortened for children upon request. Please call or make a notation next to the recipient’s name for the request.

Standard Lei
Standard Lei
A single strand of flowers.
Superior Lei
Superior Lei
A fuller lei with double the amount of flowers in a Standard Lei.
Deluxe Lei
Deluxe Lei
Our most lavish lei with three times the amount of flowers in a Standard Lei.
Kukui Nut Lei
Kukui Nut Lei
Glossy long lasting lei made from a traditional Hawaiian nuts (not edible).
Ti Leaf Lei
Ti Lei
Braided Green leaf (Ti Leaf). This is the good luck lei!
Tuberose Lei
Tuberose Lei
Stronger Fragrance lei (sweet) as opposed to standard lei.
Tuberose Mix Lei
The Tuberose Mix lei has tuberose flowers mixed with orchid or plumeria!
Deluxe Tuberose Lei
Deluxe Tuberose leis are fuller than regular tuberose leis.
Cigar Lei
Cigar Lei
Not a stong fragrance lei. A beautiful lei greeting which is popular with men.
Kukui Bracelet
Kukui Nut Bracelet
Brand New! The perfect addition to any Lei Greeting order!
Where and When:
Kahului Airport when your flight arrives.

Look for your greeter at the bottom of the escalators, prior to entering the baggage claim area. The lei greeter will hold a welcome sign with your name or group name.
Leis can be shortened for children upon request. Please call or make a notation next to the recipients name for the request.

There are no specific restrictions for this activity
Special Notes:
Operation Days:
Maui lei greetings are available from 9 am to 9 pm and for any flight into Kahului.
Hawaii Flower Lei
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