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Have you ever wondered how to be in a paradise you have never set foot on before? You will surely be filled of excitement at the same time you will be anxious as to how you will fully enjoy your wonderful time there! Worry no more, because here in Lahaina Tours, we don't simply treat you as our mere customers but as our dear family and friends who want to explore the beauty of the island, taste the most luscious and mouth-watering foods that only locals would know and yes, go to the hidden paradise of the island and spend quality time with your loved ones! To make your holiday vacation a truly one of a kind and memorable adventure is our ultimate goal here in Lahaina Tours! Grab our helping hands and allow us to amused you with our quality of service to ensure a splendid ALOHA holiday of yours! 

With Lahaina Tours, you can be 100% sure that what you have paid for is the exact rate for your desired adventure or accommodation! Our online price cuts are definitely and absolutely not associated with any timesharing of tours and hotels! What you see is what you will just have to pay, no concealed charges or fees---plainly just a treat from us! Rest assured that with Lahaina Tours, you get the most affordable and lowest rates online and yes, you will have the chance to enjoy and at the same time, SAVE BIG CASH! You won't find these inexpensive rates by doing hotel walk-in, only here in Lahaina Tours! If you book with Lahaina Tours, all you got to do is fill up one online form and your are set to go! Plus, should you need to cancel or modify your reservations, you won't need to wait for a long time to talk to the hotel because you would only need to call us directly and we do the rest! That is how Lahaina Tours treasures a friend like you!
Exhilarating and superb Maui Tours, Maui Activities, Maui Zip Line Tours and more adventurous activities to do with Lahaina Tours!

Get ready to pack your bags as you start to create your adventure with very affordable Maui Activities and Maui Tours! Paint a smile on your loved ones' faces with family themed Maui Activities, Maui Tours and Maui Activities and you will surely feel great having the most wonderful memories you never had before!

If you want to explore and enjoy Maui in every possible way, Lahaina Tours is absolutely the answer of your life long dream! From a romantic Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise to the Maui Helicopter Tour, name it and Lahaina Tours definitely have it! To fully satisfy our dear friends and customers, Lahaina Tours came about simply to quench all the adventure thirst that you want to have in Maui! Every web page of Lahaina Tours is intricately crafted to serve you best most especially in explaining the wonders of Maui and all the adventures it has to offer that you are going to uncover if you book with Lahaina Tours! It's truly a one stop shop for adventure lovers like you!

We ensure you that these wonderful Maui Activities that offer were intricately chosen according to your taste and comments for us to give you a rare chance to experience the adventure that you have been dreaming of for a long time! All of these famed Maui Luaus were specially crafted to pamper you with amazing amusement, delectable palates and rejuvenating environment! If you opt for an exploratory expedition in Maui, you can go for a stroll to discover the hidden magnificence of Maui, take the adventure-packed Maui Zip Line Tour or even feel like a real cowboy with our famous Maui Horseback Riding Adventures! Don't forget to have the most-sought-after snorkel charter to Molokini to complete your day! You will also have the chance to experience firsthand the authentic culture of Maui with Ulalena or the grand Kupanaha's magical show! Yes, with more Maui discounts, you can make it all happen with Lahaina Tours!

Breathtaking Maui Tours and Activities.

Looking for some rough roads to conquer? Wanting to quench your thirst for thrills and adventure? Maui ATV Tours is definitely for you! Yes, this famous Hawaii Activity should top your list of your Hawaiian holiday expedition! Why? Simply because from the moment you ride on these extravagant ATV Vehicles, you will surely be astounded by the beauty that Maui Island has to offer! You should book the Haleakala ATV Tours for you to have an exquisite opportunity to go around the 30,000 acre paradise of 1888 Haleakala Ranch and meet different cattle as you continue your splendid ride! Not only that, you will also get to explore the rich tropical rainforest of Maui and discover exotic flora and faunas! You don't want to miss this once in a lifetime chance offered by Lahaina Tours with their very affordable rates!

Astonishing Maui Biking- Have you ever wondered how beautiful sunrise would be while you are on an extraordinary volcano? You will totally love the picturesque view you are going to witness when you go down the volcano through biking! You read it right, you will have the opportunity to witness and gaze at the magnificent sunrise at Haleakala’s peak as you go down this superb volcano for 28 miles! Maui Biking is so easy yet a very rewarding experience if you opt for the famed Classic Sunrise or the most wanted Super Sunrise Safari! You should start booking it now before the slots run out since these are the most desired Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours! You can also go for the newly created Haleakala Bike and Winery Safari Tour for more adventures and fun! Lahaina Tours gives you this chance to have lasting memories you would want to cherish forever!

Excellent Maui Amusement- If you are searching for authentic Hawaiian amusement, Lahaina Tours tenders this extravagant and world renowned show in Maui and this is Ulalena at Maui Theatre! Yes, you don't need to go elsewhere because Lahaina Tours has made it sure that you will find every enjoyment you have been wanting for so long in Maui! You will truly be mesmerized and speechless as you get to watch how the 20 excellent entertainers show their talent for full 75 minutes! You can go for the standard option or select the producer's package that will allow you to have the first class sights of the show plus a fantastic backstage pass and meet the entire wonderful casts!

Awe-inspiring Horseback Riding- If you want to feel like you are a real cowboy and want to explore the island of Maui by in a unique way, Maui Horseback Riding will totally sweep you off your feet as you will be stunned when you explore the horse stables in Kapalua, Makena and Waihee to Hana! You will conquer both West and South Maui by simply having the spine-tingling Maui Horseback Riding! If you are just learning your first lessons of horseback riding, you don't need to worry because there is a special training for both starters and masters of this amazing activity!

Exceptional Maui Pineapple Tours- Do you want to personally handpick your favorite sweet pineapples? Yes, with Lahaina Tours nothing is impossible! Only Lahaina Tours tenders this one of a kind experience to tour around the wide fields of fresh pineapples especially if you book the Maui Gold Pineapple Tour! Book with Lahaina Tours and you will surely have wonderful memories to cherish on and get the chance to bring home some fresh pineapples to your loved ones! The second extravagant tour comprises tasty Resort's Plantation House Lunch and Honolua Bay exploration! You don't want to miss this rare chance to treat yourself and your family! Avail the most affordable rate of Lahaina Tours now before this opportunity slips away!

Tremendous Maui Submarine Tours- Have you been dreaming to explore the kingdom of underwater without getting wet? This is now your chance to be captivated by the magnificence of the ocean as you take the Maui Submarine Tours, specifically the Atlantis Submarine rides! Give your children and loved one to have a ride underwater and meet exotic sea creatures such as octopus, turtles and many more! You will get to discover more beautiful sea creatures as you take the Reef dancer’s glass bottom boat and ride foe 90 minutes as you sail from Lahaina to West Maui Mountains! Please note that your children need to be at least 3' tall to ride on this rare chance of sea exploration! Give yourself and your family a treat with these amazing Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats because you will surely not regret as you capture the splendid moments you are going to have during your Hawaii Trips! Only Lahaina Tours can make this happen since Atlantis Submarine is the sole vendor of this fantastic Hawaii Activities! You can easily spot Atlantis Submarines at Oahu, Big Island and Maui! Grab this chance now before seats get sold out!

Superb and Legendary Maui Surfing- Want to glide on the perfect shaped waves in Lahaina, Maui? Then this famous and exciting Maui Surfing is what you have been seeking for! Surfing is the most famous activity in Maui since great waves are always up every day of the year! If you want to enhance your surfing skills or still starting how to be an expert on gliding the fantastic waves of Maui, Goofy Foot Surf School is a place where you need to be! You can go for group lessons with your friends or if you want it to be more exclusive, you can have the private lessons with Goofy Foot surf masters! Bring your Discount Hawaii Vacation Package to its full speed and blast yourself with adventures and thrills you will never forget for the rest of your life!

With Lahaina Tours, there are plenty of fun filled activities and tours you can select from on the beautiful Hawaii!

Think of all the adventures you want to do with your family and loved ones and make it come true in the gorgeous island of Maui! There are tons of different Hawaii activities to do or choose one of the many Hawaii tours. Be sure that you start your Hawaii vacation off right with a lei greeting at the airport. These lei greetings are a perfect way to start off your Hawaii trip. You can have a wonderful ride to Hana and unearth more splendid sights of Maui, take a refreshing dip into the sea by booking the awesome Molokini Crater Snorkeling, Trilogy sailing charter and yes, snuba diving and swim with almost extinct sea mammals or by simply flying  above the magnificent Maui's paradise of waterfalls by Maui Helicopter Tour! Not just that, you can also have an exquisite exploration of Maui's flora and faunas by Maui Hiking Tour and have an astonishing walk through the tropical rain forest of Maui!

The famed Haleakala Crater Sunrise is an incredible and stupefying Maui activity that you shouldn't miss! Most of Maui visitors come to experience this awe-inspiring exploration of nature's beauty! Some ride their own bikes as they witness the magnificent views of the sunrise while others opt to have the most sought after Maui Biking Tours where you will be picked up and dropped off at your wonderful hotels and have no sweat as you will be stunned by the views you are going to see! You will be grace with magical and lovely stories by our experienced tour guides as you go up the paradise of Haleakala's crest! As much as we want to cater everyone for this astounding activity, for safety purposes, pregnant women and recently operated persons are not allowed.

All you need to do is call us and we'll take care of the rest for you to have this once in a lifetime chance to explore the beauty of the famed volcano and the picturesque sunrise you are going to witness!

You can select from a wide range of exciting and exhilarating Maui Activities such as Hiking and Snuba Diving that would really suit you and your family best! If you want to unearth and discover the splendid waterfalls of Maui in an exploratory way, book the Hiking Tours of Lahaina Tours now! Only Lahaina Tours can give you this opportunity to follow an adventurous trail at its most affordable rate! Complete you Hawaii Holiday with this marvelous Maui Hiking Tours! Want to unwind under the sea? Snuba Tours is highly recommended for you simply because you will truly feel how to be a diver without getting a license! Yes, you will be able to have this legendary snorkeling and scuba diving in just one Maui activity! It will just need 15 minutes of your time and you are set to go for incredible sea exploration! This is definitely the finest and the most excellent way to spend your vacation and you won't regret it! You will surely get more than your money's worth plus the lasting memories you are going to have! So why wait, book your favorite and desired Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours with Lahaina Tours now before you miss the chance of a lifetime!

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Make this amazing Lahaina Tours website one of your favorites! Bookmark this and you will surely have a perfect Maui Holiday with your family at the most affordable rate ever! Don't hesitate to read on its pages and make your Maui vacation dream come true!

Book your much loved and finest Maui activities and Maui Tours now before others will take the slots that should be yours! Start completing your holiday itinerary today and grab this rare opportunity to have fun with your family!

With Lahaina Tours, you can be sure of the accurate rates we offer, no concealed and unknown fees and charges just premium quality of service! We want you to enjoy, unwind and be happy with our most affordable rates for you to save big cash! We work big time for us to treat you with our inexpensive Maui Activities! While others pay more to relax and have fun, you are paying less for the greatest time of your life!

Grab your phone and dial our toll free number now and start packing up your things as you make your Maui Vacation dream come true! It is our pleasure to paint smiles on your beautiful faces!

Popular Lahaina Luaus

The Luau at Grand Wailea
From: $255.20

Duration: 2.5 hours

Experience a traditional Hawaiian luau in Grand Wailea style! This oceanfront Maui luau features fantastic sunset views.

Wailele Luau - Westin Maui Resort
From: $210.00

Duration: 3 hours

Held at the Westin Maui Resort, Wailele Luau is set amongst tropical gardens with cascading waterfalls.

Royal Lahaina Luau (Myths of Maui)
From: $185.00

Duration: 3 hours

Experience the magic at this cultural celebration of the dance, music and traditional festivities of the Hawaiian and Polynesian people.
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