Lahaina Whale Watching Tours

Aloha Blue Charters - Afternoon Whale Watch
From: $48.00
You save: $9.51
Duration: 2 hours

Come aboard the Hokua for an exciting Maui whale watch cruise. You will be able to comfortably view the whales up close from your seat on both port and starboard sides of the boat.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Ultimate Whale Watch
From: $149.00
Duration: 3 hours

Learn firsthand what it is like to be a whale researcher during this special whale watch cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation's researchers and certified marine naturalist on board. Includes lunch!

Maui Adventure Cruises - Whale Watch Adventure
From: $69.00
Duration: 2 hours

This is an exciting Maui whale watching tour aboard an Explorer super raft, the largest raft in Hawaii! It is equipped with a hydrophone to listen to the whales communicating with each other.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Whale Watch Tour
From: $67.49
Duration: 2 hours

Enjoy this narrated Maui whale watch led by certified marine naturalists. Learn more about these fascinating mammals and watch them frolic in the waters off Maui's south shore.

From the months of December to May, Whale Watching in Maui is one of the most excellent and most wanted Maui Activities and Hawaii Tours in Hawaii! This is the peak season for Maui Whale Watching Tours as tourists from around the world come to experience Maui Whale Watch in Hawaii! Book Maui Whale Watching with Lahaina Tours! With Lahaina Tours, you are certain of the quality of Whale Watching in Maui and you are going to get the most affordable rates offered by Lahaina Tours! You and your loved ones will have a Maui Whale Watch adventure that you will always be remembered. During this peak season, more than 10,000 beautiful humpback whales swim and glide in the waves of Hawaii! Reserve Maui Whale Watching Tours from Lahaina Tours!

Be captivated by the beauty and mystic of these gigantic sea creatures by booking the one of a kind Maui Whale Watching Tours with Lahaina Tours! Be sure to schedule your Maui Activities and Hawaii Tours including Whale Watching in Maui! All you have to do is browse through the website of Lahaina Tours to reserve your Maui Whale Watch adventure! You can go for the huge 60 ft double deck catamaran named as Ocean Intrigue or the admirable 40 ft Hokua Catamaran that departs during afternoon and sunset schedules! But if you opt for more speed and thrills, don't worry because Explorer Super Rafts will take your Whale Watching in Maui at full blast! You can relax on its comfy and sheltered seats as you witness and observe the gorgeous humpback whales!

You will be speechless when you get to see the 25 to 40 tons whales. These remarkable whales swim for almost 3000 miles from their summer haven in Alaska and you can easily spot them as you take your fun filled Maui Whale Watch! Grab your cameras and start capturing the splendor that only the Hawaiian humpback whales can give!

Have you heard how the whales sing? This is now your chance to hear their mystical songs during these incredible Maui Activities! Maui Whale Watching Tours have hydrophones for you to hear how the amazing humpback whales talk to each other! Humpback males can sing the replicated song for 30 minutes! You will definitely have a great time hearing their magnificent voices!

With Lahaina Tours, you can be certain that you don't just experience Maui Whale Watching Tours but the finest and the most superb Whale Watching in Maui! Book Maui Whale Watch with Lahaina Tours! If you don't get to see whales on these Maui activities, you will be given one free ride for another Whale Watching in Maui to observe the wonderful whales of Hawaii!

Seize this opportunity to enjoy your Hawaiian Holiday with Lahaina Tours now! Get the famous Maui Whale Watch Tours now before seats get sold out! Have the most breathtaking adventure in Hawaii on Maui Whale Watch tours.

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