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Maui Snuba is the newest, hottest thing to do in Maui.  To go beyond snorkeling try Snuba in Hawaii.  With Lahaina Tours and Aqua Adventures Snuba and Snorkeling, you can explore the underwater world in Maui safely, easily and up close.   Maui Snuba is a patented system connecting you and your dive companion to an inflatable raft, which follows you along the surface supporting your air tank.  You can dive to a depth of 20 feet with Maui Snuba.  Your entire family can enjoy the exciting sport of Snuba.  Maui Snuba is an experience of a lifetime.  Reserve your sport today with Lahaina Tours and Aqua Adventures Snuba and Snorkeling.  Maui Snuba Diving and all Maui Activities can all be arranged at a discount through Lahainai Tours. Your one stop for all of your Hawaii Activities.

Snuba in Hawaii is a simple, fun introduction to the thrills of scuba diving. It only takes a short 15 minute lesson.  No prior experience required for Maui Snuba Diving.  If you are at least 8 years old and in good health, Snuba in Hawaii is for you.  Lahaina Tours has tours allow you to combine Snorkeling with Maui Snuba so that you can experience both Hawaii Activities.

The Aqua Adventures Snuba and Snorkeling tour takes you to two Maui Snorkeling locations, Molokini Crater and Turtles Arches.  You will have three hours of water time. You can relax on The Aqua Adventure, a 2003 model twin engine high speed vessel.  She has an upper sun deck, lower shaded deck and a walk around cabin that gives you access to the bow.  She has 2 fresh water showers and plenty of seating.

Maui Snuba and Maui Snorkeling are just two of the many exciting Things to do in Maui.  Book your Hawaii Activities with Lahiana Tours and save time and money!  Hawaii Discount has the best Hawaii Activities for a perfect Hawaiian vacation. When looking for Things to do in Maui, Lahaina Tours has it all!


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